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If your toenails are so thick, discolored, and crumbly that it’s embarrassing to take your shoes off, you’re likely suffering from a very treatable toenail fungus. At leading podiatry practice Northeast Foot Care in Amsterdam and Clifton Park, New York, David Lambarski, DPM, offers state-of-the-art treatments toenail fungus treatments including painless laser therapy to destroy the fungus for good. Book your appointment by phone or through the online scheduling tool today.

Toenail Fungus Q & A

Toenail Fungus Relief is here using the ClearNail Procedure

Are you embarrassed to show your toenails in public? Are you afraid to wear open toe sandals in the summer or go to the beach without covering your feet? This condition, known as onychomycosis or nail fungus affects approximately 10% of the US population. Think about that, one out of 10 people you see every day have the same condition you have and are embarrassed about it. The good news is there are excellent options available to treat this ugly condition.

We have developed the CLearNail Procedure at Northeast Foot Care using the most advanced Laser available. Treating nail fungus has evolved tremendously over the past decade; however, the medical community has been slow to adapt and take advantage of the latest technologies. It is not good enough for a doctor to look at your toenails and say they are fungal without testing them first. You would never go to a dermatologist for a dark mole and be told it’s just a freckle don’t worry about it without doing a proper biopsy first. The toenails are no different. Studies show that 30% toenails which have a thickened yellow appearance actually do NOT have a fungal infection. Don’t throw your money away on expensive laser treatments without being tested for nail fungus first!

At Northeast Foot Care we will always test the nail to determine if there is fungus present before we initiate a treatment plan. We use a special dermatopathologist who studies only skin and nails to give you the most accurate information available.

Toenail fungus is highly resistance to treatments and that is why topical medications alone don’t work and even strong oral medications have a low success rate when used alone. Most laser and laser protocols do only a fair job of penetrating the skin and nail bed layer and therefore not affecting the deep layer of fungal growth. This is why the process to treat this infection is so complicated and requires a well thought out protocol for optimal results.

Northeast Foot Care has developed the ClearNail Procedure based on extensive research and vast experience with patients. We have refined the protocol and it will likely continue to evolve over time. This is the most successful toenail fungus laser treatment to date!

The ClearNail Procedure uses a unique “combined treatment protocol” which has been shown to be the most effective for eradicating nail fungus. Don’t be convinced that one single laser nail treatment with an older heat laser will help your condition. Many fungi are not killed with only one treatment. The last 10 years of research has supported that multiple treatment are superior to a one time laser.

First, we use the latest green light laser with the largest target area of any laser available to destroy all areas of fungal infection of the nail plate nail bed and all surrounding skin. This large coverage area eradicates up to 99.99% of any fungal elements involved. This green light causes photo-inactivation of the fungus leading to the destruction of the genetic material of the fungus. This is done with multiple passes over the nail. At Northeast Foot Care we believe that this mechanism provides a much greater amount of fungal death and the inability of the fungus to reproduce and reinfect the nail.


It is easy to see how the ClearNail Procedure takes a simple laser technique and elevates the laser treatment to an extraordinary procedure with superior results.

The second and perhaps most important feature to the ClearNail Procedure is the concept of combination therapy. This is such an overlooked but critical part of the equation when treating this type of contagious condition. This involves treating the inside of the tissue with oral pulse dose medication and treating the outside environment using topicals on the nails and skin and in the shoes. The patient needs to adopt a holistic approach to killing the fungus anywhere and everywhere it lives. This is the only way to have long-term success in killing this fungal infection.

It’s been shown that by using a combination therapy for this chronic recurring systemic infection of fungus we have been able to eradicate almost all cases of nail fungus. Treating the patient as a whole including their shoes, socks, skin, nails and systemically with a new pulse dose system will have little to no effect on the liver or kidneys. This in combination with the latest advanced multi-treatment laser therapy has shown over 90% success.

Don’t pay up to $1000 for only one Laser treatment without being tested. Call Northeast Foot Care now for appointment to get rid of your ugly toenails today.

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